• Pilates for Tennis Players

    Pilates for Tennis Players

    Article by Markella Kefallonitou   Summer season has officially arrived in the UK! The lovely sunny days are so inviting for everybody to spend more time outdoors, something that many people already enjoyed than any other year due to the pandemic restrictions. Long walks, running and cycling were very popular...

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  • Pilates for Cyclists

    Pilates for Cyclists

    Cycling, as both a mode of transport and as a sport, is currently experiencing a major boom. A record number of people in the UK have taken to their bikes in the past year, valuing the cardiovascular exercise, the escape from public transport and the sense of freedom that can...

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  • Can I do Pilates at home? (Part 2)

    Can I do Pilates at home? (Part 2)

    Soft Ball and Resistance Band by Markella Kefallonitou This is the second part of Pilates at Home Series. You may read the first part at: Pilates at Home with Gym Ball and Pilates Ring  People became more aware of the physical and mental benefits of exercise during the pandemic lockdowns last year....

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  • Can I Do Pilates at Home?

    Can I Do Pilates at Home?

    Part 1: Gym Ball and Pilates Ring By Rika Brixie The suitability of Pilates for home practice - easily adjustable to suit any space or time restrictions, whilst promoting strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness - has never been more profound than now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and...

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