Gladform was established with professionals and active individuals in mind, in 2017. Since then we have served from individuals who set up their home studios to large Pilates studios and global Gyms.

We carry only high quality equipment for pilates, physiotherapy and group exercises. We are a London based business representing globally recognized and reputable brands in the UK market.

We proudly represent BASI Systems in the UK and carry full line of BASI Systems products such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Spine Corrector as well as the revolutionary F2 System. On the prop side, we work with Sveltus and have a steady inventory of Pilates Rings, Foam Rollers, Mats, Balls and their unqiue product Multi Elastiband. 

Our inventory of props is in our London warehouse and can be supplied in short time from stock. BASI Systems equipment requires careful logistics planning due to equipment dimensions. Therefore we ask our customers to contact us by using the form on our website, email or telephone to request a customized quote. Our team is waiting for your contact to give you the best solution for your studio.

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