BASI Systems Wall Unit

Versatility in a Space-saving Design

The BASI Systems Wall Unit delivers powerful tower functionality and adjustability in a space-saving design. With fine-tuning control of spring positioning, roll-down and smooth push through functionality, BASI Systems Wall Unit offers affordable flexibility.


- Fine tuning control of spring angle and positioning

- Aircraft-quality aluminum for smooth adjustability of spring holders and push-through bar technology

- Sturdy beech wood frame


  • 2 Handles (Neoprene)
  • 2 Handles (Aluminum)
  • 1 Safety Strap
  • 1 Roll Down Bar
  • 1 Push-through Bar
  • 2 Yellow Springs
  • 2 Long Yellow Springs
  • 2 Red Springs
  • 2 Blue Springs
£886.00 (Ex-VAT £738.33)