Springs - Yellow
The x-ray quality controlled BASI Systems springs come in heavy, medium and light resistance.
from £37.00
Pilates Mat
BASI Systems Pilates Mat offers strong support for your exercises. The non slip rubber foam material is Phthalate free, has minimum stretch and is very light in weight. Dimensions: 70.9“ x 23.6“ x 0.39“ 180 cm. x 60 cm. x...
F2 System Connectors (Pair)
F2 Connectors replace the covers on your equipment and allow existing F2 arms to be connected to your equipment. Just by adding a pair of connectors (or more), you can use your mighty F2 System on all of your BASI...
Cushion Block
BASI Systems Cushion Block can be used with variety of BASI Systems equipment for comfort.
Neoprene Handle (Pair)
BASI Systems Neoprene Handles are padded and covered with soft fleece. They have non-metallic attachments for quiet use.
Aluminum Handle (Pair)
BASI Systems aluminum handles are lightweight and they have a soft antibacterial covering for a firm grip. The attachments are nonmetallic for quiet use.
Sold Out
Wooden Pole
Hardwood pole for balance exercises. 63" (160 cm)
Rope (Pair)
Durable and soft, BASI Systems ropes are made with non-stretch materials and come with nonmetallic hyphen attachments for quiet use. 114.5" (291 cm)
Y Loop (Pair)
These Neoprene padded straps are covered with soft fleece for your comfort. The attachments are nonmetallic - no disturbing noise when you leave them on the ground.
Safety Strap
BASI Systems Safety Strap secures the push through bar when it is used in the bottom-loaded position
Fuzzy (Pair)
BASI Systems fuzzies are padded and covered with soft fleece.
Foot Strap
BASI Systems Foot Strap is padded and covered with soft fleece
Leg Strap
BASI Systems Leg Strap has an easy-to-use buckle for quick adjustments
Ankle Strap (Pair)
These Neoprene ankle straps are padded and covered with soft fleece for a comfortable exercise. Their attachments are non-metallic for quiet use.
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