Reformer / Trapeze Table Combo
Infinite Adjustability & Versatility with full Reformer, Reformer with Tower, Cadillac Functionality The BASI Systems Reformer Combo is smooth in movement with powerful adjustability in a space-saving design. Use it as a reformer with an innovative Enhanced Pulley System (EPS)...
BASI Systems Pilates Reformer
NEW! Additional to our standard Reformer, a new shorter Reformer model is also available Effortless Movement - Infinite Adjustability The BASI Systems Reformer is smooth in movement with powerful adjustability. Its innovative Enhanced Pulley System (EPS) provides fine-tuning control of the...
Wunda Chair
Highly Adjustable Chair with Smooth Transitions The BASI Systems Wunda Chair has won a Design Award for its innovative pedal design that extends mobility, offers smooth transitions and fine-tuning adjustability of spring tension and handle height. Your BASI Systems Wunda...
Spine Corrector with F2
- NEW! Additional to our standard Spine Corrector, a new deeper curve model is also available Leading-edge Functionality & Ergonomic Design BASI Systems Spine Corrector has orthopedic padded cushioning and easy-grip padded handles. Its curved bottom design makes it easier to lift...
Sold Out
Multi Elastiband 10 kg - Bulk packaging
Multi Elastiband ® consists of two large loops of 16.5 cm at each end for easy fitting of thighs or shoes and four central loops of 11 cm each.  Available in 10 kg. Ideal for home, outdoor and group work...
NEW! - Wunda Chair with F2
The humble Wunda Chair turns into a mighty work out partner! Joseph Pilates designed the original Wunda Chair as the first home-gym apparatus that is convertable into a regular chair. BASI Systems took the traditional design a step further - adjusting resistance on...
Armchair Barrel Set
Leading-edge Functionality with Dual Surface Options BASI Systems Armchair Barrel Set brings leading edge functionality to barrel work. The orthopedic padded cushion is a curved design. The saddle flat-top accessory gives you the option to interchangeably select the most comfortable...
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