• NEW! - Wunda Chair with F2

    NEW! - Wunda Chair with F2
    The humble Wunda Chair turns into a mighty work out partner! We decided it's time to make things official in this love affair between the Wunda Chair and F2 System... We proudly present the "Wunda Chair with F2 System and Accessories" bundle (We'll drop the formalities and just call it the Wunda Chair with F2) The bundle is yours at a very special price... saving...
  • New Sveltus Props in Store!

    New Sveltus Props in Store!
    With home exercising on the rise due to Covid-19, we added new products to our Props line! Sveltus Pilates Ring (Magic Circle) in Lilac Our best-selling Pilates prop has a new colour! It is now in a striking Lilac, which would add colour to your studio - be it at home or professional! Sveltus Soft Ball in Orange In addition to Blue Soft Ball,...
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