F2 System

BASI Systems

Revolutionary Form and Function for Pilates Movement

The F2 System lies at the heart of BASI Systems Pilates equipment. A true innovation for Pilates movement, it offers unprecedented versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Springs can be attached to multiple ports on your Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Chair and Spine Corrector. Multiple F2 Systems can be used simultaneously to inspire exciting new repertoire possibilities. The levers also serve as handles to support wrists and shoulders in optimal position for weight bearing exercises. Your BASI Systems equipment is shipped with prepared ports to accommodate a seamless upgrade to the F2 System. Simply remove the port cover, insert the F2 socket, and you are ready to explore a new precision and flow of Pilates movement.


Springs, handles and carabiners for the F2 System® are available from BASI Systems. The system will also accommodate your existing accessories.

The F2 System connector replaces the BASI cover that is shipped with your equipment. Simply attach the connector to the prepared port on your equipment, attach the F2 System lever, and you are ready to experience this innovation for Pilates movement! 

Kerbside Delivery within 3 - 5 weeks

£529.00 (Ex-VAT £440.83)