Setting Up a Home Studio for Pilates

Maybe you loved that Group Reformer Class at the gym… Maybe you’ve just started taking Pilates classes on equipment in a dedicated Pilates studio… Regardless of your experience with Pilates, many people fall in love with Pilates after they start training on the equipment. Resistance training is a popular trend around the globe for various reasons: you can target different muscle groups with a sharp accuracy (thanks to our unique Enhanced Pulley System, which lets you adjust pulley angles), it requires precision and focus but the results are immediate.

Virgin Active Group Reformer Studio

You may be familiar with Pilates Reformers only (Group classes usually concentrate on Reformers), or maybe you are a member of a Pilates Studio where you were exposed to other Pilates apparatus; such as Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector or the Ped-a-Pull. A typical Pilates work out is usually 2 – 3 times a week at a studio, but maybe the Pilates bug bit you, and now you want more! But how can you do more Pilates, if the equipment is somewhere else? This is the moment when Pilates fans start considering equipment for their private use at home.

Which Pilates equipment is right for my home?

Most popular one is the Reformer without question. Thanks to rise in Group Reformer Classes in popular gyms such as Virgin Active, Frame and Heartcore, many people are now familiar with this classic Pilates Apparatus.

BASI Systems Reformers are 250 cm in length, but you can always opt for the shorter version at 235 cm. Both sizes accommodate a wide range of user types, thanks to our highly adjustable footbar. BASI Systems Reformers come in 3 models:

Reformer (with half Tower): This is the most common reformer you encounter at studios and gyms such as Virgin Active. It is a versatile and durable piece of equipment, sturdy enough to withstand the high utilization in a studio environment, but striking aesthetically, too.

Reformer with Full Tower: This model comes with a Push Through Bar and additional springs for the tower, which allows additional range of exercises.

Reformer Combo: This is the most preferred model by home users due to its space saving character. It is a combination of the classic Reformer and the Trapeze Table (also known as Cadillac). Basically, it’s a 2-in-1 with a small footprint compared to having both separately. (This model was the best-selling BASI Systems Reformer for home studios in the UK in 2019)

All BASI Systems Reformers are available in Standard and Short length. You can also customize your BASI Systems equipment by choosing any color from our colour chart.

Here in the UK (and in some other countries) homes can be quite small to accommodate space for large equipment. Second most popular choice is the Wunda Chair. We have already written a detailed blog post as guest on Pilates4You website about Wunda Chair. It was designed by Joseph Pilates for his clients in New York, where space is limited.

BASI Systems Wunda Chair won the International Design Award for its innovative and beautiful design in 2019!

Spine Corrector is another hit with home users, especially when ordered as a bundle with our unique F2 System. It may look small, but it packs a variety of exercises, thanks to the F2 System.

Arm Chair Barrel Set is a studio in itself, thanks to a multitude of exercises it offers. It consists of a Ladder Barrel, Saddle, Sitting Box and F2 System. However, the footprint of this versatile piece of equipment can sometimes exceed that of a Reformer, so it may not be the first choice for those who are concerned about space.

BASI Systems Wall Unit is another solution where you don’t have much space for equipment All you need is a wall that can support its weight and some free space in front so you can exercise.

BASI Systems Ladder Barrel and Ped-a-Pull are also small in footprint, but they are not usually the primary choice of home users, who opt for a Reformer or Wunda Chair, first.

Based on figures in 2019, we have determined that most home studios opt for the Reformer Combo, Wunda Chair and Spine Corrector with F2 System combination, which gives them a very wide range of exercises in a small space.

This might be a good time to check out our Home Studio Bundles, giving you different options at a wide range of budgets


How much space do I need for a Reformer?

The space needed depends on the equipment of your choice. For instance, if you go with the Reformer Combo (short), then you need approximately 4 square meters (roughly 40 sqf), assuming you need some space around the equipment for training comfortably. Most BASI Systems equipment comes with silicon wheels on one side, which allows you to move the equipment around in a tight space. Dimensions of each equipment can be found on our product pages and our team is ready to answer your questions.

Another area of concern when planning a home studio is your ceiling height. Some equipment, such as Reformer Combo, Cadillac and Reformer with Tower is tall, which can be an issue with low ceilings. Always make sure to check equipment height and don’t forget to add some margin for installation and exercise. If you are unsure about dimensions, please contact our Sales team for support.

Pilates Home Studio equipment

How do I train on Pilates equipment at home?

We strongly believe that Pilates is a serious discipline, which should be taught by certified instructors. Health benefits of Pilates are beyond doubt, but as with any other discipline care must be taken when exercising. If you have enough experience with the guidance of a professional instructor, then building your home studio to allocate more time to Pilates can be a sensible project.

Regardless of your experience in Pilates, there is always room for improvement. Thankfully, there are volumes of good resources on the internet. We listed some of them below:

Official Youtube channel of BASI Pilates. There are plenty of good examples and tutorials.

Official Youtube channel of BASI Systems with additional videos from Professionals around the world

Pilates Anytime: Another great resource with hundreds of videos from some of the best instructors in the world (paid membership)

BASI Interactive: Another online resource prepared by BASI Pilates, lots of educational videos (paid membership)

We hope that you find this article helpful with your home studio plans. Please feel free to contact us for a custom offer and take the first step for realizing your dream!
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