• Is Pilates Good for Scoliosis?

    Is Pilates Good for Scoliosis?

    Many individuals with scoliosis are led towards Pilates as a form of conditioning that may be appropriate for them but are plagued by their own concerns about whether Pilates can truly be beneficial for those with a spinal curvature. At its core, the Pilates method upholds a number of principles, including breathing, centering and precision, that inadvertently make it a safe and effective form...
  • How to Assemble BASI Systems Equipment?

    How to Assemble BASI Systems Equipment?

    This is in fact one of the most common questions we receive from new users. We understand that Pilates equipment can seem complicated and intimidating from afar, but BASI Systems equipment is designed with not only Form and Function in mind, but also ease of use. When you start your design with such parameters, you inevitably end up with a product that is easy...
  • Mat vs Equipment Pilates?

    Mat vs Equipment Pilates?

    Equipment Pilates is gaining popularity amongst Pilates lovers as it offers wider spectrum of exercises for a wide range of enthusiasts from professional athletes to people recovering from an injury. Each equipment allows you to challenge your body in a different way to advance and do more acrobatic moves, including hanging series.
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