How to Assemble BASI Systems Equipment?

This is in fact one of the most common questions we receive from new users. We understand that Pilates equipment can seem complicated and intimidating from afar, but BASI Systems equipment is designed with not only Form and Function in mind, but also ease of use. When you start your design with such parameters, you inevitably end up with a product that is easy to set up!

In his own words by a customer in Scotland, who helped his wife to set up her new BASI Systems Reformer Combo:
“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the BASI Combo. I took delivery yesterday afternoon and with a friend’s help, we got it installed in our gym within 2 hours of receipt. Most of that time was unpacking the really well packaged parts.
 I am really impressed with how well it is engineered. Everything fits perfectly and is silky smooth. It really is a different class. – David from Scotland”

 BASI Systems Reformer Combo

This feedback is extremely important because it comes from someone who is not familiar with Pilates equipment prior to assembly of this unit, but preparing it for his wife. The equipment comes in high grade packaging that is sturdy enough for long voyages in ocean going vessels – BASI Systems is now in use by professionals all over the globe, from Korea to USA. The same quality packaging is used for every shipment regardless of the transit time, ensuring you receive your new equipment in perfect condition.

All tools and instructions required for assembly comes with the equipment and it takes around 30 minutes to set up a Reformer Combo, even if you’ve never done it before! Hence, it may take more time to unpack than assemble the equipment sometimes 😊.

In case of Reformers and Cadillac, you will need a helping hand during assembly, though. Our frames are made from beechwood, both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough to weather years of heavy use in a studio environment. This also means that the equipment is heavy with a firm foot on the ground.

Despite our efforts to make the set up as user-friendly as possible, you may naturally have questions or doubts during assembly, especially if you are familiar with a different brand, or never have assembled a Pilates equipment before. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you have any questions! You can contact us locally at 0203 6337 044 in the UK if you have any questions, and we will immediately provide advice over the phone, or connect with you via Facetime, etc. on a video call to sort things out. If that is not enough, we will provide a quick how-to video to help you complete your assembly!

We also offer White Glove Service within London Zones 1-9, which includes inside delivery, assembly and package removal by our experienced 2-men team. If you are interested, please contact us for a quote!

We also recommend you to check out our videos on BASI Systems Youtube channel, presented by Rael himself! Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea!), sit back and watch Rael’s enthusiastic presentation of the Reformer settings, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, F2 System and Ped-a-Pull. While you are there, please make sure to check out the beautiful exercise videos presented by valuable members of BASI Pilates!

Now that you know how easy to set up your new BASI Systems equipment, why not contact us and ask for a fully customized offer?

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