Multi Elastiband 10 kg - Store Packaging with Exercise Poster


Multi Elastiband ® consists of two large loops of 16.5 cm at each end for easy fitting of thighs or shoes and four central loops of 11 cm each. 

  • Available in 10 kg.

  • Ideal for home, outdoor and group work out

  • Buy 2 bands for a full body work out!

  • Washable

  • Total length: 110 cm. Ever more innovative, multi Elastiband® combines all advantages of the maxi Elastiband® (larger loops, big length) and Elastiband ® (8 loops in total).
    TOLERANCE :+/-10%

  • 36 exercises made for muscle strengthening and focusing on different body parts. Developed by Fred Hoffman, International Fitness consultant. 

£19.99 (Ex-VAT £16.66)