NEW! - Wunda Chair with F2

The humble Wunda Chair turns into a mighty work out partner!

We decided it's time to make things official in this love affair between the Wunda Chair and F2 System... We proudly present the "Wunda Chair with F2 System and Accessories" bundle (We'll drop the formalities and just call it the Wunda Chair with F2)

The bundle is yours at a very special price... saving you Pilates addicts £120!


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Joseph Pilates designed the original Wunda Chair as the first home-gym apparatus that is convertable into a regular chair. BASI Systems took the traditional design a step further - adjusting resistance on your Wunda Chair is now a breeze, thanks to the innovative mechanism designed by BASI Systems engineers, which won a Design Award.

There is a lot more to the BASI Systems Wunda Chair than meets the eye though. Like every other BASI apparatus, Wunda Chair comes ready for F2 System. It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that adds layers of movement to every equipment that it is attached. In other words, your existing BASI equipment can achieve a wider repertoire with a small upgrade. If that's not enough, you can use the same F2 System on several equipment with additional ports for each. You will begin to wonder how you ever did without the F2!

Wunda Chair + F2 System + Accessories

List Price: £2354

Bundle Price: £2234

(Prices include VAT, exclude shipping)

Contact us if you have any questions, or would like to place a manual order.


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