New Sveltus Props in Store!

With home exercising on the rise due to Covid-19, we added new products to our Props line!

Sveltus Pilates Ring (Magic Circle) in Lilac

Our best-selling Pilates prop has a new colour! It is now in a striking Lilac, which would add colour to your studio - be it at home or professional!

Sveltus Soft Ball in Orange

In addition to Blue Soft Ball, we now have these undeniably simple yet irreplaceable prop in Orange! 

Sveltus Cork Massage Ball

Great for fascia opening exercises in an environmentally friendly manner!

Sveltus Multi Elastiband

Great upgrade for your Resistance Band. This patended design has large loops at each end for better grip. Comes with a poster depicting 36 different exercises. Order 2 for a full body work out! Great for outdoors, group exercises and home exercising.

Sveltus Gliding Discs

Improve your cardio and strengthen your muscle groups by doing controlled gliding movements. Pads to put under feet, heels, or hands. To be used on parquet floor or on slippery surface. Sold by pair. Workout poster included. Made of Polyester with a comfort foam.

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