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Order your BASI Systems Reformer / Reformer with Tower / Reformer Combo now and we will include Sitting Box ($310) and Jump Board ($260) for free!

With its unique Enhanced Pulley System and gear mechanism for spring adjustment, our Reformers add functionality to your studio as well as an elegant look. Contact us now for a custom quote! 

BASI Reformer BASI Systems Reformer with Tower BundleBASI Systems Reformer Combo Bundle

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Order your Wunda Chair now and we will include a BASI Systems Studio Mat ($65) and a Wooden Pole ($50) for free!

BASI Systems Wunda Chair won the International Design Award in Italy in 2019, thanks to its unique Spring adjustment mechanism and sleek design. The Bundle includes BASI Systems mat, which was developed after years of R&D to withstand the high turnover in a studio environment without compromising from durability and comfort.

BASI Systems Wunda Chair

Spine Corrector w/ F2 System Bundle

Order your BASI Systems Spine Corrector with F2 System now and we will include the Cushion Block ($95) for free!

Don't let its small footprint fool you, the Spine Corrector is an excellent apparatus that comes in 2 different sizes (Standard and Deep Curve). When combined with an F2 System, this small giant turns into a resistance-training powerhouse, ideal for home studios as well as professional use. The Cushion Block will add comfort to your exercises.

BASI Systems Spine Corrector with F2 System

Don't wait, stocks are limited! Contact us today to request your custom quote while stocks last. 

Offer valid until Nov 30th, 2020. Cannot be combined / stacked with other promotions, offers or discounts. Valid only in the UK for purchases through Gladform (sole representative in the UK). Our Terms and Conditions for Sales apply.